Business Meeting Point

Considered as the one of the largest companies which is working on industry, implementation and organization of exhibitions and conferences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The institution aims to provide economic solutions, competitive advantages and new markets for our clients through the management and organization of international meetings and exhibitions by a highest degree of accuracy, superior service, professional treatment and huge media coverage

Our Services


The specialists team in " Business Meeting Point " studying the clients’ applications and requests to organize the conferences and exhibitions, through a direct support for the client, to convert the idea to a rudimentary paradigm, then implementation the scientific and economic feasibility study, provide the consulting services to the client about the speakers and conferences’ theme and provide the media and marketing plans with utmost caution in order to achieve the highest international standards and quality.


The specialists team in " Business Meeting Point " coordinate with the government agencies to terminate the administrative procedures of the organization of conferences and exhibitions, register the occasions at the concerned agencies, and access to the VIP approval in both government and private sector to attend the opening ceremony and coordinate with the bodies that are directly related to the occasion.


The specialists teams in " Business Meeting Point " implement the distinctive marketing plans which ensures to present a highest degree of the participants, care and media coverage.


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